Android Development Tools

Development in Android is made very easy by providing the ADT (Android Developer Tools) plug-in for Eclipse. This ADT plug-in provides GUI access for the command line tools.

Lets see about :

  • Logcat
  • Debugger
  • Drag and drop options

Debugger :

In Android Debug comes as an perspective. Open your .Java file from your project in Eclipse IDE and double click on the line where you want to set a break point.

The line int debug=0 is set as the debug line. This means that the program execution will be stopped when this particular line reaches.  Now press F11 key to start debugging. An Conform perspective switch window will appear requesting you to switch to debug perspective. Hit yes to switch to debug perspective. Press F5 to step into the debugging point.

Debugging point

At this point the debug value is 0 which is denoted in the variables window. Press F6 to go to the next line. Now the debug value changes to 1 because of the increment.

Press F8 to completely Run the code.

Drag and Drop :

In Android front end design can be simply done by dragging and dropping. Instead of typing for each and every Views in a design this helps to finish your work soon. To make use of the drag and drop option first right click on the .xml file in your project. Click on the open with -> Android Layout Editor and select Graphical Layout in the bottom of the screen.

Just drag and drop the views from the left widget and place it over the right side screen. There is an excellent video in the developers site regarding Development Tools in android this will help you to understand the various features which will help you save time in designing.



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